Sexual Harassment Prevention Requirements & Best Practices (12-13-17 Webinar Recording)

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Today’s news headlines demonstrate unmistakably that NOW is the time for all employers to ensure that they meet (and better yet exceed) minimum legal requirements to prevent sexual harassment.  This program will review California’s extensive sexual harassment prevention requirements, and best practices, including:
  • The requirement to publish information about sexual harassment prevention under California Government Code Section 12950.
  • California’s additional requirement (effective since April 1, 2016) to disseminate a harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention policy meeting detailed content requirements, and to obtain employee acknowledgements to confirm understanding of the policy.
  • California’s requirement that employers provide at least two hours of mandatory sexual harassment prevention training to supervisors every two years, and within six months of an employee becoming a supervisor (e.g., new hire or promotion); technical regulatory requirements for such training, and advantages of live group training over online programs.
  • Recommended training for non-supervisors.
  • Sexual Harassment Investigations:  When they are required; who should be the investigator; key components of an investigation; essential documentation.
  • Corrective actions required to remedy sexual harassment.
  • Preventing retaliation against complainants.

This is an edited recording of a webinar presented by Ray Hixson and Mary Wang on December 13, 2017. Please note that the webinar does not address changes in the law since the original program date. Please also note that the webinar provides only general information about the law, and does not constitute legal advice. Companies or individuals seeking legal advice should retain counsel.

Please note that HR and attorney continuing education credits are not available for watching this recorded program.

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