California Update: Piece/Flat Rate Employee Pay (1-9-14 Webinar Recording)

California courts have recently made some important rulings about paying employees a piece or flat rate per task completed or product made. Among other things, these rulings prohibit employers from averaging total compensation to determine whether pay standards have been met, and require separate compensation for all time worked outside of the task completion or product making for which piece or flat rate pay is provided. In light of these rulings, all employers with California employees are advised to review their piece/flat rate pay practices, and make any adjustments needed to ensure compliance.

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar recording for a detailed review of these rulings, and to hear about best practice recommendations. This is a program that was originally presented by Ray Hixson exclusively for BBSI and its clients on January 9, 2014, and is now being made publicly available.

Please note that the webinar does not address changes in the law since the date of the webinar.  Please also note that the webinar provides only general information about the law, and does not constitute legal advice.  Companies or individuals seeking legal advice should retain counsel.

Please note that HR and attorney continuing education credits are not available for watching this recorded program.

You may request an e-mail with links to the program materials and website where you may watch the program here:   Access Request Form

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