Complimentary On-Demand Webinar: Severance Agreements Legal Update (3-30-23 Recording)

Program Duration: 60 minutes.

Original Webinar Recording Date: March 30, 2023

You may access the program’s handouts by clicking the gotowebinar handouts icon.

When terminating employees, a severance agreement is one of the more important tools that employers can use to mitigate legal risk of a costly wrongful termination lawsuit. If an employer's severance agreement does not comply with a complex array of legal requirements, however, a former employee's attorney may be able to exploit the non-compliance to invalidate a signed release of claims, and proceed with litigation.

We're providing this complimentary on-demand webinar to provide an update on important and evolving legal requirements for severance agreements. We'll review:

  • The National Labor Relations Board's February 21, 2023 ruling in McLaren Macomb that the employer violated the National Labor Relations Act by offering employees a form of severance agreement that included standard non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses.
  • Special California legal requirements for severance agreements.
  • Select/key non-California state law differences (i.e., relating to employees working outside of California).
  • Differences in legal requirements for severance agreements related to employees:
  • Age 40 and over vs. under age 40
  • Affected by individual terminations vs. group terminations (e.g., layoffs)
  • General do’s and don’ts for severance agreements:
  • Recommended provisions
  • Common mistakes (e.g., unlawful/risky provisions)

Attendees will receive detailed PowerPoint slides. Some time will also be reserved for answering attendee questions. Please note that the webinar will not provide attendees with a standard form of severance agreement, due to the importance of working directly with legal counsel to develop customized forms. Clients of the firm may request assistance from any of the firm’s attorneys to update severance agreements.

This is an edited recording of the webinar presented by Ray Hixson and Brian Nagatani on March 30, 2023. Please note that the webinar does not address changes in the law since the original program date. Please also note that our webinars provide only general information about the law, and they do not constitute legal advice. Companies or individuals seeking legal advice should retain counsel.

Please note that HR and attorney continuing education credits are not available for watching our recorded programs.

You may access the program’s handouts by clicking the gotowebinar handouts icon.

Additional on-demand webinar are available on our website's resources page.

Employers seeking further guidance may contact any of the firm's attorneys.

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