Employee Handbooks in California: Key Compliance Requirements & Judgment Calls (3-7-19 Webinar Recording)

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When it comes to employment law compliance, there’s no document more important than your employee handbook.  Handbooks necessarily address a legion of legal requirements, and they can make or break an employer’s ability to pass due diligence or government audits, defend individual or class action lawsuits, and/or implement personnel decisions without being under a dark cloud of legal risk. In this webinar, instead of using slides, we’ll review excerpts of a model employee handbook to discuss key compliance requirements, and judgment calls that employers need to make when customizing a handbook to a company.  Topics will include:

  • EEO and Anti-Harassment Policy Requirements
  • Whether or not to adopt an “introductory period” policy
  • Reference policies
  • Structuring employee benefits categories
  • Holiday Policies (and why we don’t recommend “floating holidays”)
  • Whether to Have a “Vacation” or “PTO” Policy
    • Accrued vs. “Unlimited” Vacation
    • The special dangers of “Unlimited PTO”
  • Sick Leave:  Accrued or lump sum, waiting periods, accrual and usage caps, usage increments, complications of allowing “vacation” to be used as extra sick leave.
  • Substance Abuse Policies (different types of testing)
  • Leaves of Absence Policies
    • Whether to Make Vacation/PTO/Sick Time Use Optional or Mandatory (Where Permitted) During Leave
    • Paid Parental Leave
    • Health Insurance Benefits During Leave
  • Addressing local law requirements for employees in different locations

This is an edited recording of the webinar presented by Ray Hixson and  Brian Nagatani on March 7, 2019. Please note that the webinar does not address changes in the law since the original program date. Please also note that the webinar provides only general information about the law, and does not constitute legal advice. Companies or individuals seeking legal advice should retain counsel.

Please note that HR and attorney continuing education credits are not available for watching this recorded program.

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