California Wage & Hour Law Update (12-12-18 Webinar Recording)

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This has been one of the most significant years ever for major developments in California and federal wage and hour laws!  Watch this webinar recording to learn what’s new, and hear our recommendations on hot compliance topics, including:

  • Independent Contractor Status: The dramatic narrowing of which workers may be treated as independent contractors as a result of the California Supreme Court’s Dynamex ruling.
  • De Minimis Time:  The California’ Supreme Court’s rejection of the federal de minimis rule thus imposing an obligation on employers to compensate employees for small amounts of regularly occurring work time.
  • “Exempt” Status:  Common misclassification mistakes including recent case filings, how to audit exempt status, and best practice recommendations.
  • State and Local Minimum Wage Hikes:  Review of the 2019 schedule of increases to California’s state minimum wage, and recent/future increases in minimum wage requirements in California cities and/or counties, as well as special minimum pay requirements for exempt software professionals.
  • Commission and Other Compensation Plans:  Requirements of California’s law requiring written commission contracts, and commission pay legal landmines under California employment law. Recent case law addressing a variable compensation plan and its compliance with minimum wage requirements.
  • Other Case Law Developments:  Including a nearly six-figure attorneys’ fee award against an employer that lost a claim over a $4,250 waiting time penalty.

This is an edited recording of the webinar presented by Brian Nagatani and Mary Wang on December 12, 2018. Please note that the webinar does not address changes in the law since the original program date. Please also note that the webinar provides only general information about the law, and does not constitute legal advice. Companies or individuals seeking legal advice should retain counsel.

Please note that HR and attorney continuing education credits are not available for watching this recorded program.

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